[Source]Gym memberships usually soar in January, after waistlines expand during the holidays. But one new gym in Dallas is particularly exclusive. It only lets in people who need to lose weight. This Dallas gym doesn’t cater to the fit, but proudly to the fat. Before anyone steps inside “Downsize Fitness,” they must step on the scale. This gym is only for the obese, those who need to drop at least 50 pounds. The owners realized fitness clubs often scare away the people who need the most help. “I’ve looked at a gym before, but never actually joined, never felt comfortable working out with skinny people,” says one mother of two. But at this gym, she felt comfortable. The equipment is designed for the big. No mirrors and frosted windows- all for privacy. “When you’re on my side of the scale, it’s not inspirational to look at other people in half-uniforms, showing off their bodies, showing off their abs. And I’m sure you don’t want to see me in a half uniform. Showing off what abs you can find,” she says.

Brilliant idea. You know how when someone hates a group of people they say that those people should be banished to their own island together? Well this could be the start of that for fat people. Naturally it starts with fat gyms. Kind of like society’s AAA for the overweight. The last resort if you will. And then for all the people that don’t make it to the show you start building fat bars and fat Office Max and fat Olive Garden’s and fat strip clubs and then the whole thing snowballs until there’s fat sidewalks, fat schools, fat neighborhoods and fat cities. Basically just take every aspect involved with segregation and apply it to shaming fats. As KFC and Feitelberg said on KFC Radio this week, fat people are despised by every single person on the planet. Might as well tickle their triple chin one last time and send them off to live on their own.