SourceLast week, a 64-year-old man in England was drunk, spotted a snowman on the street – and decided to have sex with it.  By the time he was done, the snowman was destroyed and he had frostbite on his junk. The hospital says it may have to be amputated but, so far he is “still in one piece.”


Fucked up as this guy may be you gotta love his attention to detail. I figure if you bang a snowman you’re most likely going in from the back since sex standing up facing each other is impossible. Nope this guy wants missionary so he’s tearing it down and rebuilding it horizontal and doing missionary. Would have loved a passer-by to ask him what he was up to there. Well I’m gonna fuck the shit out of this thing and I just really prefer to be on top so I’m lyin’ er down.” Hey do your thing man. You rape that snowman anyway you want. Maybe wear a condom next time though because there’s a good chance your dick is gonna fall off if you fuck a mountain of freezing cold powder.