[Source] - An Illinois man faces up to 20 years in federal prison now that he’s admitted his role in a foiled plot to abduct, extort and  electrocute a wealthy man and to make it appear he’d been killed accidentally by his cat. Brett Nash of Pontoon Beach pleaded guilty Tuesday to a felony count of solicitation of a violent crime. Four other counts are to be dropped. Federal investigators have identified  he intended victim as a former corporate attorney who had long pursued a sexual relationship with Nash’s wife. Authorities allege Nash explored a plan to force the intended victim into a hot tub and electrocute him by tossing in a radio and the man’s cat, with the hope of misleading authorities into thinking he was accidentally killed by his pet. Authorities say they learned of the alleged plot after a convicted killer Nash enlisted for help told his former parole officer.

So at some point during last season’s NBA playoffs Jeff Van Gundy went on a rant against Lebron James for calling up hall-of-famers and asking them to help him mentally get over the hump and win a title. The fact that Van Gundy went on a rant wasn’t surprising because he’s short and steam comes out of his ears when he’s mad and he probably shows up to games and climbs out of a VW bug with 35 other people. Dude gets mad at basically anything. But what was surprising was that little balloon eater was exactly right. Lebron didn’t need to hit up other people to learn how to win. He just had to sack up, use his tools and execute on the court.

Well the same sort of idea applies here. Brett Nash had all the tools in place and a perfect plan. Dude dies in his hot tub because his cat tipped the radio in and killed him? Boom best murder plot I’ve ever heard. All Brett Nash had to do was execute (no pun intended but obviously intended). And instead he got cold feet and pussied out, called up some homicidal lunatic friends who ratted him out and now he’s doing 20 years in the clink. From genius to losing your anal virginity in a flash. Maybe in a few decades if he decides to get revenge and try again he’ll go stag and take care of business on his own.