Huff Po Chicago - A 23-year-old Elk Grove Village, Ill. native has been arrested over his alleged plot to firebomb dozens of Miami, Okla. area churches. Gregory Arthur Weiler II was charged Friday with possession of an explosive or incendiary device and violating Oklahoma’s state anti-terrorism law, according to the Daily Herald. Weiler was allegedly found with 50 Molotov cocktails which police say he planned to use to destroy every church in the Ottawa County area, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. The houses of worship include many different religions.

According to The Oklahoman, Weiler had detailed maps to the churches he targeted as well as notes on how to concoct Molotov cocktails in his motel room. He had checked into the motel on Sept. 20 with an Illinois drivers’ license with a Washington, Ill. address, the Chicago Tribune reports. The man’s family told the Tribune that Weiler has long struggled with mental illness as well as addiction to heroin and alcohol.

Hey big ups to Oklahoma putting “anti-terrorism” laws on their books. No worse feeling than catching a guy with 50 molotov cocktails and a full sketch pad full of blueprints, maps and detailed plans to blow up every church in Ottawa county and having him get off scot free because there’s no crime to charge him with. Such a bummer when that happens. Oklahoma just staying ahead of the curve as always.

PS – 48 churches bro? That’s ridiculous. No way 50 molotov cocktails is gonna take out 48 churches. Way too overzealous. Kid obviously never played Max Payne when he was young. Molotov cocktails are bunk dude. Step it up.