[Source] - While Valyncia Jennings’ Twitter account isn’t verified, it is clearly her, as she is one of the 137 people Greg Jennings follows and has tweeted photos of his Super Bowl ring previously. 

And this is why it’s hilarious whenever chicks try to talk about anything sports-related. Like if you just read this and didn’t watch the game you would’ve thought Greg Jennings had zero catches on one or two targets and just got blatantly ignored when fact is it was entirely the opposite. Dude had 8 catches for 120. Was targeted more than anyone else on the team by far. Scored a couple TD’s to boot. By all accounts he had an absolutely monster game Sunday. And this broad probably saw one or two plays and started flipping out like some slut on Maury who found out her boyfriend fucked her Mom and her best friend. Just couldn’t script it any better. And I don’t care that the Packers eliminated the Bears by fucking losing on Sunday. I’m just gonna ignore that. Packer scum is packer scum, this just proves it.

PS – Any word what happened to this guy? Pretty sure he died on live TV this weekend: