(SOURCE) GERMANY is poised to reinstate an old law banning sex with animals after a sharp rise in incidents of bestiality — and even the pimping of farm animals.

The country’s parliament is due to debate changes to the national Animal Protection Code this week, with the agricultural committee of the Bundestag pledging fines of £20,000 for a first offence. Bestiality dropped off the statute books as a crime in 1969 but in recent years incidents of it have mushroomed along with websites promoting it. There are even “erotic zoos” for perverts to visit and abuse animals ranging from llamas to goats. Hans-Michael Goldmann, chairman of the agriculture committee, said the government aimed to forbid using an animal “for individual sexual acts and to outlaw people ‘pimping’ creatures to others for sexual use”. But pro-zoophilia campaign group ZETA — Zoophiles Commitment to Tolerance and Enlightenment — vowed to challenge any ban on bestiality. Chairman Michael Kiok said: “Mere concepts of morality have no business being law.”

What’s Michael Kiok’s deal? Honest question. Like this story alone wasn’t that shocking. Germany has whore houses with animals instead of prostitutes, whatever, they also are the country that tried to take over the world and wipe an entire religion off the face of the planet, put it into proper perspective and a couple of Germans putting their penis in a goat is FAR from the craziest shit they’ve done.

But Michael Kiok, really man? Are you really going to put your name out there as the guy who loves fucking animals so much that he is going to protest a law against it? Its 2012 bro. There are literally millions upon millions of ways to get your jizz on. There is fetish porn for everything in the world. Sluts on craigslist and Plenty of Fish and a million dating sites looking for D 24/7. And you’re still resorting to goats and cows and dogs? Grow up man. You’re not a caveman or some feudal peasant worker. There are like 1 billion things you can fuck, you don’t have to fuck an animal, no one has ever had to fuck an animal. Seriously, go fuck a rock or a tree or a donut or literally anything, just keep your human penis out of animal vagina for christ sake.


Obviously I’m against all bestiality but gun to my head I think I’d fuck a llama. Something about a llama sounds so exotic and sophisticated. Either that or a dolphin. I bet dolphins are nuts in the sack. So smart and shit.

Double PS
The fact that bestiality isn’t spelled beastiality makes me so fucking angry.