SourceThis is the heart-stopping moment a champion rally driver became the first person to perform a 360-degree backflip in a car. French daredevil Guerlain Chicherit, 34, sped towards a 25ft high ramp in his specially built Mini Countryman at an exact 37mph. He then hit the quarter-pipe and took off, soaring 75ft into the air and flipping his car a full 360 degrees backwards.


First, the obvious. This was not the first time a car ever did a back flip. The fact that the French are legitimately trying to convince people of that is fucking absurd. Such a France thing to do. I could find a thousand clips of funny cars blowing up and backflipping through the air and landing like 4 miles away from their starting point on Youtube in about 5 seconds. So drop that talking point right now you fucking liars.

And second, I don’t even get what’s so great about this dude? Like yeah the video is cool but he was going 37 MPH in a midget car. Literally anybody could do that. Whitesox Dave could do that and I don’t even think he’s tall enough to reach the pedals on a normal car. So who cares? Quit sucking your own dick for doing something anyone else could do. Like I said, that’s so France to brag and toot their own horn. Bunch of pussies.