Chicagoist - Rapper Chief Keef, 17, has been sentenced to 60 days in juvenile detention for probation violation related to a video filmed by Pitchfork in which the teen appeared at a gun range. Earlier this week, a judge ordered Keef, real name Keith Cozart, be taken into custody saying that the video showed “willful disregard” of the court. The judge said the visit to a gun range, in which Keef is depicted loading and firing a semi-automatic Rugar rifle, was the same as if Keef had kept a gun in his home. Defense attorneys argued that it was a promotional stunt on private property.

According to the Sun-Times, a “tearful” Keef asked the judge for mercy today: The rapper pleaded with Judge Carl Anthony Walker not to sentence him to juvenile detention, breaking down into tears several times, but the judge said he could not tolerate the teen’s “ blatant violations of the court’s order.” In today’s sentencing hearing, prosecutors argued that Keef is a gangmember and read lyrics from his “Love Sosa” rap from Finally Rich that referenced gangs and guns. DNAinfo writes: Prosecutors said in court that Chief Keef is a member of a faction of the Black Disciples street gang known as “Lamron” — which is Normal spelled backward. Authorities say it’s a gang reference to Normal Boulevard in Chief Keef’s old Englewood neighborhood. Keef said the lyrics are “bull stuff,” and outside the court his mother said, “He’s just rapping about what he lives next to.”


Cry in court man that’s that shit I don’t like!

Listen I’m not Barstool’s foremost expert on hip-hop or anything but I’m pretty sure page 1 of the manual starts off with a section about how balling your eyes out in court multiple times and admitting that all your lyrics about being in a gang are “bull stuff” isn’t such a great idea. Total reputation ruiner. Especially when you’re just going to juvie and not even a real person prison. Make no mistake, crying when you know you’re going to jail is legit. You know how chicks cry when they watch The Notebook or Titanic? That’d be me times infinity times a million if I knew I was going to jail. Poor kids would see me crying and do cannonballs in my tears big enough to wash a Buick. But juvie? I’m pretty sure kids in juvie just sit around in group counseling, play Connect 4 and eat pizza bagels. It actually sounds pretty fucking sweet. So maybe they were tears of joy? Either way there’s no better way to follow up dropping your “Finally Rich” cd about being a boss than doing 2 months for going to a gun range. Gangster 101.