Chicago Tribune - Crew and passengers aboard an American Airlines flight from Chicago that made two unscheduled stops in Canada and Ireland will spend the night at a hotel and depart Wednesday for London, officials said. Flight 98, a Boeing 777, left Chicago Monday night but was forced to land in Canada because of a medical emergency.

It made another unscheduled landing at Shannon Airport in Ireland because of smoke — or the smell of smoke — in the cabin, according to Fagan. No one was hurt. Maintenance workers checked the aircraft in Ireland and authorities determined the problem was a circulatory fan, an issue that could be corrected once the plane lands at Heathrow, Fagan said.

The flight will be depart tomorrow because the crew had worked a maximum number of allowable hours and needed to rest, according to Fagan. The 14 crew members and 246 passengers will stay the night at hotel in Ireland, she said.

I feel like that horse toothed shoe face Vince Lombardi looking at this picture. What in the hell is going on out there? This has to be a drug run correct? There is absolutely no reason in a million years that a plane would have to turn around and fly halfway to fucking Alaska to make an emergency landing if it left from Chicago. None. Love that they said it was for a “medical emergency” too. Yeah because everyone knows all the best hospitals and medicine are located in the remote wilderness of Northwest fucking Canada. Right next to some frozen dead hockey players and Christopher McCandless’ rotting corpse. Bottom line is the crew was picking up some BC Bud, which explains why the had to land again in Ireland because of “smoke” and they were transporting that shit to England. No way, no how there is any other reason.

PS – Is it just me or is this like the 5th flight this week that’s either departed or arrived at O’Hare or Midway that had to make an emergency landing?

PPS – Yeah, I know McCandless died in Alaska. Basically the same thing. Alaska is way more Canada than America.