[Source] - A Beltzhoover man was arrested after witnesses told police he confronted elementary students who he said were bullying his kids. School van driver Michael Allen, who was waiting to take students to an after school program, told police he saw Steven Schramm approach the Arlington Elementary School with his teenage son. “He slammed him down to the ground, an elementary child,” Allen said. “It was definitely ugly.” Allen said he ran to help the child, when Schramm allegedly threatened him with a baseball bat and said, “I’m not scared of you. I’ll hit you with this bat, you black.” 

“I put myself to the side, didn’t want kids to get hurt. I was insulted. It was what it was,” Allen said. Upon arriving to the scene, Pittsburgh Police arrested Schramm and charged him with ethnic intimidation and aggravated assault. Police said Schramm told them his son was being bullied and he decided to take matters into his own hands. Schramm was taken to the Allegheny County Jail, and remains on $100,000 bond. According to school officials, he is banned from school property.

This story is Pussification of America personified, folks. Like all people are focusing on here is this Steven Schramm dude beating the shit out of some elementary kids with a baseball bat. Media and parents everywhere getting their panties in an uproar because a grown man tried beat a kid’s skull in with 32 ounces of aluminum. Umm so everyone’s just going to ignore the fact that this dude was essentially the last line of defense in protecting his son and sweep that under the rug? That these kids he was fucking up were bullying his kid? I mean what’s a parent to do in that situation? Option A is tell some lazy school administrator whose going to skirt the whole thing, hand out some warnings and have no effect at all. And Option B is you pick up an Easton Magnum and smash face. Pretty easy choice if you ask me.

Probably could have gone without saying “I’ll hit you with his bat, you black” to the black school bus driver trying to intervene though. I mean race is just such a touchy subject. Beat the shit out of the little kid and be on your way. No reason to start offending people.