MLB: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins


It goes without say that moving Crain for anything at all was a win for Hahn and the White Sox as an organization.  As the rebuilding process continues today and through the trade deadline, Sox fans now must cheer HARD for the Rays to surpass Boston in the AL East race, for Crain to get healthy as soon as fucking possible, and for him to continue pitching for the Rays like he had been all season for the Sox.  Because the trade was for future considerations or cash, the difference between the Rays winning the East and sitting at home in October means the difference between the Sox landing a blue chip prospect from one of the best farm systems and baseball or having the Rays simply pay the remainder of Crain’s 2013 contract.  The two teams have agreed upon a pool of prospects that will complete the trade at a later date if Crain returns to form.

On another note, the Sox appear to be telling teams that Peavy is no longer on the trade market.  I have no idea what to think of this; apparently he cleaned out his locker and was saying his final good-byes to his teammates yesterday, but it appears the Sox are asking too much for Peavy right now.  If this is the case, and the Sox are actually planning on rebuilding around a 33 year old injury-prone pitcher, to say Hahn and KW would be in the hot seat entering 2014 would be putting it lightly.  They would be in “win and win now” mode, and that, considering their current lineup, would not be a good place for them to be in.  My gut (gunt?) says that they are just trying to leverage teams into parting with higher prospects.  I pray, PRAY this is the case, and that Hahn, being a former agent who has brokered a many deals with many different GMs in his past, is being a complete hardo (I fucking hate that word) and that come Wednesday he’ll budge.  If they wait too long and can’t move him before tomorrow’s start, they may lose all of the leverage they have and get a minimal return.

Look for the Bosox, A’s, and Cards, all of whom have great farm systems, to be the main players in a Peavy deal in the next few days.