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You know at first these Fanduel challenges were just fun little tournaments where the top finishers would walk home with a little bit of extra bread to help with rent or groceries or whatever. Even if you lost you still had a nice time putting a team together and watching the standings on Sunday. But now this shit is getting serious. I’m talking you win and you’re pocketing $5,000. This isn’t a game anymore. This is anĀ absurd amount of money to win for playing one week of fantasy football. You can’t just throw a team together or you’ll find yourself in the gutter. As always the entry fee this week is $50, but Fan Duel has raised the stakes in every other facet:

- $25,000 in cash prizes this week

- Winner is taking home $5,000. Full prize breakdown is below.

- 555 entries this week, up to 4 entries allowed per player.

These fill up every single week with Stoolies and they fill up lightning fast. Make sure you sign up fast or you’ll be missing out. Hit the links at the top and bottom of the page to sign up.

And here’s the money breakdown this week:

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