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We’re switching from basketball to hockey in our Fan Duel tourney this week to mix it up a bit. It’s actually going to be pretty challenging since the cap is at $55,000 for 9 guys so if you know literally anything at all about hockey, now is your time to shine. Should be a lay-up for you puckheads. To be honest the only strategy I had in choosing my team was picking Toews. That’s it. Get the Captain on there and hope for the best pretty much.

We also lowered the cost of entry since this is the first hockey week. Only $25 bucks and 89 available spots this week so it should fill up quick. Here’s the details:

- $2,000 in total prizes, $600 to the winner

- 89 openings, pay outs to 9th place

- $25 to get it, up to 5 entries allowed

- Tourney is for Saturday night games and starts at 7 EST. Pay-outs occur after the game.

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