UK - British police have decided not to press any charges against the elderly couple who had been unknowingly cultivating a huge cannabis plant in their garden. The plant was seized Monday in Bedfordshire, central England. Thepolice later posted a picture on Twitter with comments: “Elderly couple bought shrub at car boot sale,” adding that it was the “biggest cannabis plant we had seen!!” The police picture posted on Twitter shows a fully grown shrub with thick foliage in the front garden. A police spokeswoman told CNN: “The plant was mistakenly bought by the elderly couple. We will not be pressing any charges. We have seized it and will dispose it.” She also said that unlike what has been reported in some newspapers there was no “raid.”‘ “The property was not raided,” she said.

Old people always get away with the craziest shit. Ramming cars into people, acting rude to everyone, cultivating a fucking grow op in their backyard. And nobody ever calls them out.  It’s infuriating. Just one time I’d like to see some hardcore integrator try to pull the actual truth out of these people without them getting away with their bullshit. Get like Hank Schrader in there just ready to bust some fucking heads open. Like oh you didn’t know there was a pot plant growing in your backyard? Well it’s the size of a fucking Camry sedan old man, so unless you’e the stupidest motherfucker in England why don’t you try again. What’s that sweetheart? You say you and your husband have never touched drugs in your life? Then why were you guys spinning that Elvis album and on the record player you little slut? Try again you sleezy drug mule whore. Just go round after round wearing them down until they finally break and admit they knew what they were doing. Then just let them go home because it’s pot and it’s harmless and who gives a fuck but at least it’ll get them to stop lying to everyone.