SourceAfter a golf event at a country club in Hunterdon County last summer, a Branchburg Township man claims in a recent lawsuit that he was tricked by club members into eating a brownie laced with marijuana and later became ill. Barry Russo is suing members James Kavanagh, Jr. and Gregg Chaplin for allegedly offering him the brownie on June 1 in the locker room at the Copper Hill Country Club in Raritan Township, according to a complaint filed Dec. 31 in state Superior Court. Christian McOmber, the attorney representing Russo, declined to comment. Russo is described in the lawsuit as a “68 year old diabetic with high blood pressure and a previous history of a lacunar infarct stroke.”

According to the lawsuit, Russo was in the locker room after a golf event at the club when Kavanagh and Chaplin offered him the brownie. Kavanagh and Chaplin insisted the brownies were delicious and that Kavanagh, who baked them, had received “special culinary training,” according to the complaint. Russo initially declined, but then “politely accepted” and ate a brownie, according to the complaint. Russo didn’t know the brownie was laced with marijuana, the complaint states. Afterward, Russo felt like he was having another stroke, the complaint states. MacDonald walked Russo to the front porch of the club to “intentionally conceal” the alleged incident from club members and guests, and thus deprived Russo of timely medical care, the complaint states.

Every now and again one of these stories pops up. Someone gets all uppity because they were fed a weed brownie and tripped their balls off and went to the hospital or in this guys case almost died on the back porch of a country club. And every time the person tries to sue or have the person that gave it to them arrested. But here’s the thing. You’d have to be a fucking IDIOT to not know that you’re eating a weed brownie. Weed brownies taste like absolute shit. I mean even if you like how they taste they don’t taste anything like an actual brownie. It’s night and day. So this 68 year old bro can save his sob story about his diabetes and his high blood pressure and his having a lacunar infarct stroke and almost dying at the 19th hole like some pussy. You knew what you were getting into you square. If you don’t know how to eat a weed brownie without going dead you don’t know how to party plain and simple.