SourceDarren Baldwin turned on the warehouse manager who dismissed him, then clashed with a fellow worker who went to the manager’s aid. At one stage he pulled out two knives. Baldwin, 44, of Sidford Court, Blackpool, admitted affray and assault when he appeared before Blackpool magistrates. Tracy Yates, prosecuting, said when novelty firm SPS, said they were having to let Baldwin go from the temporary job, his manager who passed on the bad news was punched in the face.

She said: “Baldwin then produced two knives and the victim was in fear of his life. Baldwin showed the knives to his colleague and started to shout threats like ‘I will cut you up’.”


Well I think it’s obvious whose at fault here. Because you have to be a fucking idiot to fire somebody from an anti-stress ball factory warehouse. Nothing in the world more stressful than getting fired and trying to find a job in today’s economic climate. Everywhere you look unemployment offices have lines around the block, families are struggling to get by, college degrees are becoming more useless. It’s chaos out there. I mean when you think about it the only person who should be fired here is the guy doing the firing. Seriously wake up bro. Practice what you preach for once. You want to create an anti-stress world? Stop taking jobs away from people and they’ll be a lot less of a reason for you to get clocked in the jaw and cut up with a couple of shipping knives.

PS – “Affray assault”? “Appeared before magistrates”? What is it still the 1700′s in England? Grow the fuck up you clowns.