SourceA man who took a bus trip from Montreal to Barrie, north of Toronto, to meet a woman he met online called 911 after finding he’d been stood up. Police say the man said he was supposed to meet the woman he had been chatting with and when he arrived at the city’s downtown bus terminal, she was nowhere to be found. He became angry and called 911, wanting police to “track down” his missing date and find out why she stood him up. When he was reminded about the proper use of 911, the man became even angrier. The dispatcher suggested he find a place to stay for the night and cool off.

I hate stories like this. Not because I feel bad for the guy or anything. Manti Te’o sorta blew that spot up for every lonely dude trying to find an online girlfriend forever. Plus you gotta be a fucking idiot to travel over 6 hours to meet someone for the first time.

But on every one of these stories there’s always a gaggle of women that write shit out like “Looks like she made the right decision!”, “How pathetic can one man be!”, “What a loser!”, “Serves him right!” and blah blah blah. Oh yeah, he’s nuts and she’s perfectly sane. I mean yeah, this dude is a tool. No question. Anybody who travels halfway to Chicago from Montreal to meet a picture is psycho. But any chick who nods her head at this is definitely eating spoonfuls of ice cream cake, watching Gosling movies and is one million times more pathetic. I mean at least this dude tried. At least he swallowed every ounce of his pride and said “This is my life. I’m a guy that travels over 6 hours to meet a whale of a woman or a male gym teacher playing dress-up. Fuck it.” Say what you will but that takes courage. It takes heart. But it takes a cold-blooded, gutless bitch to stand a dude up like that and then have a peanut gallery of sluts shame the guy like they’re hot shit. Please. You’re all disgusting, you’re all alone and you’re all soaking wet at the thought that a dude would travel 6 hours to see you. This chick should be thrown in jail and all the broads who laughed at this guy should too.

And he should probably get arrested too because he’s out of his fucking mind.

PS – Trillion dollars says he’s Indian or Middle Eastern. Didn’t even check to see if his name is in the story. It’s just that obvious.