SourceAn eyewitness says a man who tried to break out of his own bedroom using a rope made of bed sheets is lucky to be alive, having survived a harrowing seven-story drop onto a pile of snow. Yekaterina Horoshko, who caught the entire incident on camera, told the local press that she spotted the 35-year-old man climbing out of his 8th floor apartment in the Estonian capital of Tallinn using a makeshift rope made from bed sheets that he tied together, Hollywood jailbreak-style. 

According to Horoshko the man was able to walk away from the fall thanks to the large amount of snow that had accumulated on the ground beneath him. A local police spokesman later confirmed the details of the incident, adding that the man was apparently attempting to flee his apartment after having been locked in the bedroom by his possessive wife. “He said his wife locked him up,” Officer Ilmar Kahro is quoted as saying. “Desiring to go meet friends, he decided to get out using a rope he made out of bed sheets. The rope proved too weak, landing the man in the house side bushes.”


How pissed off do you think this guy was that he survived? I’d be fucking furious. Not because he wanted to die or anything, but now this is just going to be one more thing he gets nagged about forever. Dude can’t question his wife’s decision making skills ever again because the second he does she’s throwing out the “Yeah well how about the time you tried to escape out of the bedroom window and you almost fell 7 stories to your death you fucking idiot? I told you to buy sheets with a higher thread count. Probably wouldn’t have fractured your spleen if you got the sheets I wanted”. Boom, roasted. There’s no comeback for that. Like at least if you fall to your death you get the last laugh. Get to implant that in your wife’s brain and haunt her forever. Now you’re just some loser who gets pushed around by his woman to the point where you have to try and kill yourself just to get a little freedom now and again. Definition of a no win situation.