Source - A Dollar General employee arrested in Wrightsville last week for hitting a child with a belt has now been charged with two felonies, aggravated assault and cruelty to children. The charges were upgraded from simple battery because according to the police chief, store video shows the woman hitting the 8 year old at least 25 times. “I felt like I had five needles sticking in me; it really hurt, I was screaming ‘Mama,’” he said. “And I was crying real bad because she [the clerk] had actually hurt me…when she stopped whipping me my pants were actually a little bit warm.”

Wrightsville Police Chief Paul Sterling said Logan was running around in the store and got into a confrontation with Bell, 39.  Bell told investigators that Logan threw a cookie at her and that’s when she removed her belt, chased the boy down and spanked him behind the counter. “It felt real real painful; nobody should have that kind of torture to them,” Logan said. “It really hurts.” 

This Logan kid is such a piece of shit thinking that he went through “torture” because he got 25 belt lashings. Hey bro you know what torture is? Torture is working at a fucking Dollar General in Wrightsville, Georgia with 8 year old demon children running around throwing cookies at your head. Basically the definition of torture. Like I’m pretty sure that was the 4th level of hell Dante went through in the Inferno. Just screaming kids like Logan Ivey chucking Chips Ahoy 4-seam fastballs right at his face while he worked for minimum wage in the rural south. If anything the kid’s lucky this broad didn’t snap and body slam him through a table. Instead he’s complaining that his asshole is five-starred and it feels like there’s needles poking out. Oh boo hoo for you bro. Bottom line is if you don’t want to get caned with a belt by a crazy woman at the dollar store quit being such a little dickhead or find new parents who will actually keep an eye on you and take some responsibility for raising your punk ass.