Source - Angered that a Walmart employee refused to honor a “dollar-off” coupon, a Florida woman allegedly retrieved a handgun from her car and waved the weapon at several store employees, police allege. After having her coupon bid rejected, Alday allegedly called Stockslager “a bitch and other foul names” and intentionally struck the worker with a shopping cart. As Alday was escorted out of the store, she reportedly warned Stockslager, 48, not to follow her. The Walmart worker replied that “she was going to get her vehicle license plate number.”

“If you follow me, I have something in my car for you,” Alday warned. As several Walmart employees watched from the store’s entrance, Alday appeared outside her car “waving the gun in the holster,” reported investigators. Alday then removed the weapon–a loaded Smith & Wesson .38 Special–from the holster and pointed it “at all the store employees and stated ‘I have something for Y’all.’” The Walmart workers “retreated back inside the building due to being in fear for their lives.”


Never understood stories like this where the employees at Walmart of all places take some kind of moral stand against a psychotic lunatic. First rule of working for a company that is richer than most countries: If somebody is flipping their shit insulting everyone in sight and threatening to go get a loaded Smith & Wesson .38 special because she wants a dollar off some Cranberry juice, just give her the fucking dollar off the Cranberry juice. Who gives a shit? Best case scenario if you don’t is you lose a customer and cause a stir, worst case you get shot in the face. Pretty sure it’s not going to make that big a difference when Walmart is holding a stockholder’s meeting to discuss 2nd quarter profits and bulldozing some more settlements in 3rd world countries so they can expand the empire.