[Source] - A former UW-Madison plant researcher was charged Friday with two felonies for allegedly growing marijuana in a university lab. Christopher Schwartz, 45, was charged with manufacturing marijuana and possession of marijuana with intent to deliver after the Oct. 16 discovery of 12 marijuana plants being grown inside a growth chamber at the Biochemistry Building on the UW campus. The growth chamber was used by Schwartz and locked with a padlock, according to a criminal complaint.

Schwartz was initially placed on administrative leave after his arrest but resigned on Oct. 26, university spokeswoman Amy Toburen said. According to the complaint: On Oct. 17, a day after the plants were taken by police, Schwartz was seen on a security video walking up to the growth chamber with what appeared to be a key in his hand and finding that the chamber was unlocked.

He looked inside and outside the chamber, closed it and left. When interviewed by police the next day he initially said the chamber was empty, but after he was told that police had removed marijuana plants from the chamber he admitted that he had been growing the 12 plants for personal use. Schwartz also said he had more marijuana at his Harvey Street home that was for his personal use and shared with friends.

All day long all I hear from Big Cat is about how great U Wisconsin is. How they have the sickest parties, how Russell Wilson went there and is probably going to be a perennial all-pro, how JJ Watt is the man and did some sweet box jumps when he was training for the NFL draft a couple years ago. All day long that’s what I have in my ear. Well explain this bro. Tell me how your school can be so sweet with sadistic psychopaths like Christopher Schwartz roaming the halls growing drugs in all the university labs. Tell me how you produce the best and the brightest when you got 45 year old plant researchers using your college as his own personal grow house. You can’t do it. Not when you’re associated with this dude. Wisconsin may produce funny bloggers and decent athletes but they also apparently turn out serial killer drug addicts. Not a good look.

PS – Seriously thinking they might have mixed up the mugshots of some stoner Phish fan and a serial killer with this story. Just no way that guy gets mellow.