SourcePolice in Brooksville say they’ve arrested a man who was driving drunk — inside a Walmart. According to WFLA , officers said Timothy Carr was drunk and driving around the store on a motorized shopping cart. Carr then removed an alcoholic beverage from a shelf and was drinking it while he knocked other items off the shelves, police told WFLA. The Walmart is located at 7305 Broad Street. According to the report, Carr told police he did not have enough money to pay for the alcohol. He also said he is a transient. Carr had two previous arrests for retail theft, which made the current arrest a felony. He was charged with disorderly intoxication and felony retail theft.

Uh, yes. Yes it does.

Truth be told I’m pretty shocked this guy was arrested. Like yeah it sounds bad but lets not forget this was a Wal Mart in Florida. A drunk senior citizen driving around a motorized cart in a Florida Wal Mart is about as par for the course as you can get. That’s basically the whole state outside of the college kids and the illegal Cubans in Miami. Seems kind’ve unfair to zone in on Tim Carr just because he has a bunch of priors and thought it’d be cool to start knocking shit off the shelves and not pick them up. Dude’s a fucking transient on that Into The Wild shit, just let him do his thing and pass on through.

PS – The image of this guy boozing on his cart and pushing home appliances and kids toys to the ground is utterly hilarious. A+ job dude.