Chicago Sun Times - A suburban teen picked the wrong place to pull over and smoke some pot: in front of a local police chief’s home. That’s what Maximilian G. Salling, 18, of Montgomery did, according to Naperville police. He and a friend are accused of parking their red, 1999 Ford Escort on Sept. 13 outside the home of Villa Park Police Chief Robert Pavelchik Jr., who lives in Naperville.

“I’m coming down the street, and I see these two guys in a car,” Pavelchik said. “I like to say I know most of my neighbors and friends, so I got out of my car with a flashlight in one hand and I said, ‘What are you guys doing?’ “They’re blowing dope when I come home from work, right in front of my house,” Pavelchik said with more than a little indignation. “I smell the dope, and I see the pipe and the bag of dope on the floor, what we call in plain view.”

Naperville Police Sgt. Gregg Bell said Salling was arrested and his friend was released without charges. Salling has been held in DuPage County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bail since being arrested. Pavelchik downplayed his role. “This isn’t the first time I’ve had to be the police in my neighborhood,” he said. He also had some words of warning for anyone up to no good around him. “This is my neighborhood, pal, not yours.”

Gotta love stoner kids. By far the most passionate people in the world. I mean you can call this kid an idiot all you want but bottom line is if anyone cared half as much about anything as Maximilian Salling cared about getting high we’d all be millionaires and billionaires by now. All he wanted in life was to sit in his car and talk politics, bump some Phish through his 99′ Ford escort speakers and blaze down a grape Dutch of some OG Kush and that’s exactly what he was gonna do. You think he cares that he was in front of the chief of police’s house? Think he cares that Robert Pavelchik caught him red-handed in plain view? Fuck no he doesn’t. Probably blew a haze of chronic right in the old man’s face as he was getting bagged up. Fact of the matter is Max Salling gives so much of a fuck about torching trees he flat out doesn’t have time to give a fuck about anything else.