Hey Brent, Todd Gack called, he wants his bet loophole move back.

St. Paul, Minnesota (Source) – Brent Friest, a 39-year-old Iowa pig farmer was jailed Wednesday after he allegedly fondled his 8-year-old son’s psychologist’s breasts as a joke. She apparently wasn’t very amused. According to St. Paul police, Friest had taken his son to see a specialist at United Hospital in St. Paul Wednesday when he decided to share a joke that would eventually lead to his arrest. During the session, Friest reportedly told the psychologist that he thought it would be difficult for someone in her profession to get a date. The psychologist ignored the comment and tried to continue with the session until Friest told his son to leave the room so he could tell the counselor a joke.

Once the boy was out of the room, Friest pulled out a dollar bill and bet the psychologist that he could “play with her boobs without touching them.” Friest then groped the woman’s breast and then handed her the dollar. As Friest was laughing off the incident, the psychologist called for security officers who later notified police. When officers questioned Friest, he admitted that he had touched the woman inappropriately because he thought it was “funny” at the time. Friest was booked into the Ramsey County Jail and charged with fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct, a gross misdemeanor. His bail was set at $1,000

Still not quite sure what Brent Friest did wrong here. I mean he said he was going to tell a joke right? Once you say you’re going to tell a joke you can be offensive, you can sexually harass, you can inappropriately touch, you can be racist, because its a fucking joke. That’s the whole point of a joke. Get it lady? Like he wasn’t being serious when he asked his son to stand outside while he played with your tits and flicked your nipples. He was joking. It was a joke. Lighten the fuck up. Shit was funny. The world is too serious of a place to not let pig farmers from Iowa make tit grabbing jokes with their 8 year old’s psychologist. If that can’t happen,  then comedy as we know it is dead.

Real ballsy move by Brent Friest to be telling anyone that its difficult to get a date because of their profession. Talk about a lack of self awareness. You’re a pig farmer in Iowa bro. You clean up shit and make Ham.  If I had to make a list of jobs I would want Pig Farmer in Iowa would be like 10,233, directly behind suicide.