Chicago Sun Times - Family ties were not strong enough to keep a northwest suburban woman from stealing more than $200,000 from her 98-year-old grandmother, Cook County prosecutors said. Jennifer Curtis, 43, of the 300 block of Tanglewood in Palatine, was arrested Wednesday and charged with forgery and senior financial exploitation. From October 2005 through July 2011, while she had power of attorney for her grandmother, Curtis would write checks, make electronic payments and forge electronic wire transfers from her grandmother’s bank accounts, prosecutors allege.

She used the money to pay off her own credit card bills, loan payments and car payments, prosecutors allege. She also took vacations in the Cayman Islands, Costa Rica and across the United States, and purchased other items for herself, including restaurant outings, apparel, food and gas, prosecutors allege. Curtis would then intercept bank and credit card statements so her an Indian Head Park-based grandmother would not see the unauthorized withdrawals, prosecutors claim. The scheme was brought to light when other family members grew suspicious and changed the power of attorney to a niece of the victim, who contacted Indian Head Park police after noticing discrepancies of more than $200,000. At the Bridgeview Courthouse on Thursday, Curtis was ordered held on a $100,000 bond and a preliminary hearing was Oct. 29.

You know what I wanna know? Where do all these old bitches get so much money? Like every old woman on the planet has their own secret stash of a few hundred grand. It’s fucking maddening. Do old bros just start making it rain like Money Mayweather in nursing homes once they realize their pipe laying days are behind them? Cause lets be real there’s about a negative million percent chance a woman born in 1914 is even sniffing $200k in her lifetime. It’s not happening. Last time I checked a career as a stewardesses or office secretary doesn’t exactly stuff your 401k with a few hundred thou unless you’re stuck shining shoes under Don Draper’s desk. So regardless of how this woman lost all of her small fortune as far as I’m concerned it wasn’t even hers in the first place. What goes around comes around. It’s all in the game yo.