[Source] - An Albuquerque man arrested for vandalism tried to get out of his charges by offering to turn his own mother into police. Police say 27-year-old Vaughn Godwin was suspected of selling methamphetamine – or meth. Police said when they went to go look for him at his apartment they saw walls spray- painted and smashed in. According to the criminal complaint, Godwin said he destroyed the place because his mother was not giving him money or his medications, and that’s when Godwin told police his mother was selling marijuana out of her home. Police said by turning his mother in, Godwin had hoped his charges would be dropped.

You know that old saying “He has a face only a mother could love”? Well they’ll have to think up something new for Vaughn Godwin because whatever good will he had with Ma Dukes he just threw out the fucking window. Hey dickhead you’re dealing crystal meth for crying out loud. Dropping a line on your Moms for pushing some weed on the side probably isn’t going to get you a signed immunity deal. This isn’t fucking 24 where no matter what crime you commit you can just pass it along to the next guy and get off scot-free. Get your head in the game bro.

And while you’re at it grow the fuck up and quit asking your Mom for money. You’re 27 years old and you still spray paint and smash the walls of your apartment building. This is why you can’t have nice things. You’re wasteful. Show some responsibility and maybe you can get your allowance back.