Source - Lantana man who allegedly sold over 40 gallons of moonshine to undercover state beverage agents was arrested Thursday. Daniel David Pawa, 23, responded to a Craig’s List ad on Nov. 13 that had been posted by a Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco agent. “Looking for some strong moonshine,” the ad read. “If you got some of the strong stuff, shoot me a text.” A middleman for Pawa got in touch with the agent and referred him to Pawa, the arrest report said. Over the course of the next several months, agents bought more than 40 gallons of moonshine from Pawa. Agents arrested Pawa on Thursday and also seized a .45-caliber firearm from him. Police also searched a residence, finding a grenade. Arrest warrants have also been issued for two other people, police said.


Stories like this always piss me off. It’s like when you see an episode of COPS and some busted officer chick dresses like a whore and begs to suck every dude’s dick on the block. Then when one lonely or desperate guy figures why not get his shit wet a fucking 30 person SWAT team and TV cameras bust out of nowhere and sends him to the clink. Surprise motherfucker! Now everyone on Earth knows that you accept oral sex from women begging to blow you. Sucker! Just such a bitch move to trap someone like that.

Although I will say two things absolutely frighten me about this kid. For one that middle part he’s got going on is absolutely horrendous. A reader who saw me at the Barstool holiday party e-mailed and told me I had a fucking 8-head and still that is nothing compared to that monstrosity Daniel Pawa’s got going on with his mop. Looks like there’s a river basin moving westward towards the back of his scalp. Brutal. And yeah the second thing is owning the grenade. Always kinda scary when somebody owns a grenade and it isn’t 1863 and shit. A dude who brews hooch for a living and owns explosives is definitely not ideal.