Tazewell – Deputies with the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office captured a sex offender wanted out of Maryland today after his girlfriend provided clues to his location by “liking” the authorities on Facebook. Dyllan Otto Naecher, 29 year old white male with possible ties to gang activity was captured at his girlfriends residence on Taft Lane near Bluefield. Deputies were able to determine Naecher’s girlfriends identity after she “liked” the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, police report. This information provided deputies with critical information such as Naecher’s girlfriend’s residence and her name. Today the girlfriend, Samantha Dillow, 22, has been charged with obstruction of justice. 

Nothing worse then when your girlfriend tries to get too cutesy instead of just leaving well enough alone. All girls do it. They’re all just full of backhanded remarks and loaded with useless thoughts that convince themselves they’re better and smarter than everybody else. Like this fucking idiot who thought it’d be so hilarious to like the authorities on Facebook. Hey babe that’s a real genius idea. aybe next time we’ll just send them a package with a severed pig’s head inside and our return address plastered on top in big, bold letters. At least that’ll buy us a few extra days in lieu of GPS triangulating our co-ordinates and busting in through our windows like the fucking SWAT team in the Negotiator with your stupid little stunt. Seriously only a chick could solve a crime and get arrested for one at the same fucking time all for one single action.