SourceBoaz Police have charged a man with going on a rampage at a local hotel. Anthony Dale Williams, 38, was arrested early Saturday morning after police said he was highly intoxicated and couldn’t find his wife. Police said Williams thought she was being held hostage at the Boaz Inn on Highway 431. He reportedly threw a brick and a garbage can through the window of one of the rooms. She wasn’t there. According to police, she was at home the whole time.


Fuck man, we’ve all been there. You go out for a good time, you go a little overboard with the drinking and all of a sudden you’re at the Boaz Inn off Highway 431 in Arizona smashing bricks and garbage cans through windows trying to save your wife whose being held hostage. Heard it happen a thousand times. Guy probably came to out of a blackout and just knew in his heart of hearts that his wife was in danger. Just had that husband’s instinct.¬†And really there’s no option at that point. You can either turn into a monster and go home without saving your wife while she gets held hostage and abused, tortured or worse. Or you can be a stand up guy and a hero by causing astronomical amounts of property damage trying and save her. It’s good to know there’s people out there like Anthony Dale Williams, the heroes walking among us, who make the right decision when called upon.