SourcePolice arrested a West Palm Beach man early Saturday morning after they say he rammed the front door of his parents’ Port St. Lucie home with a sport utility vehicle, which was later found parked at a Fort Pierce bar. According to an arrest report, the mother of Robert John Tate Jr. told investigators her son had been posting strange YouTube videos of himself in a Batman suit before the incident. Shortly after midnight Friday, a vehicle damaged the rear patio of the home in the 6800 block of Northwest Granger Avenue, then drove around front and rammed the home’s entrance. Tate, 30, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but without intent to kill; and criminal mischief with more than $1,000 property damage.


There is no worse feeling in the entire world then when your parents find out some embarrassing shit about you. I still remember the first time my parents found all the porn I was looking at on the family computer when I was like 13. Easily top 5 worst days of my life. I mean after a while it just became old hat,¬†Oh might have to do a disk clean and defragment the computer again honey, looks like Neil was cooking up a batch to some illegal Asian schoolgirl gangbang videos last night. But that first time they caught me was brutal. Never felt more alone and embarrassed in my entire life. Probably thought about drowning myself like 5,000 times that week. And that was just a teenage kid looking at porn which turns out in the most normal thing in the world. Can’t imagine how bad it would be if I was fucking 30 and my parents found videos of me dressing up as Batman and playing make believe superhero games and shit by myself. Probably would’ve done the same thing this guy except before driving my truck into my family home I’d cover it in gasoline and light it on fire first. Only way to cover up the shame of being a man in his 30′s that still plays dress up is to take out every living person that knows about it, family be damned.


Quick side note, does that guy not have a chin? Looks like the bottom of his face just keeps going around like it’s turn 3 at Talladega or something.