Source - On the evening of  January 23, 2013, 23-year-old Jean Remy took a girl he had met online out on a date. When the date was over (a little past midnight on the 24th), Jean dropped her off at her home. But for Jean, the night was not yet finished. After his date went inside, he walked over to her neighbor’s house, observed a 12-year-old boy in his bedroom watching a movie, and decided that he wanted to take the kid’s XBox. Jean was able to get into the house and walked into the child’s room. He then pressed a gun to the boy’s head and barked at him to “look forward.” Unfortunately for Jean, real life doesn’t work like Grand Theft Auto. His former date was more than happy to assist her neighbors and the police in making sure he was correctly identified and brought to justice.


How about this slut just ratting out her first date like nothing? Maybe show a little gratitude after a guy just dropped his hard earned money to wine and dine you, take you out and treat you to a nice time? Oh big deal he robbed your 12 year old next door neighbor at gunpoint for his X Box. Newsflash honey, that’s what dating’s all about. You gradually find out who somebody is over time as you obtain more and more information about their personality and shit. Can’t go judging someone right off the cuff. Some people are really shy and guarded and it takes a lot for them to open up. Some people are like Jean Remy and they’ll sweep you off your feet for a night out on the town then stick a glock 9 up against a kid’s head for his video games so he can merk some motherfuckers in COD after he drops you off. There’s ups and there’s downs. All I can say is Jean Remy should be glad he found out about your disloyalty sooner rather than later. Looks like that kid who lost his Xbox wasn’t the only person to dodge a bullet that night.