Gainesville, FL (Source) – Perry Trenka, a 51-year-old Florida man was jailed after police discovered alligator hides and a lonely pot plant on his property. According to police, an investigation was launched after detectives received a complaint that alleged Trenka had been killing alligators illegally and then hanging their hides on his property. When officers arrived on the scene, Trenka invited them onto his property without a warrant. Investigators say officers discovered two alligators hides on display on his property.  One alligator hide was proudly nailed to a board in his machine shop. Officers also discovered gator meat in Trenka’s freezer. (yum).

Trenka told officers that he caught the alligators with a hook and line after they became trapped in a sinkhole. He reportedly had no permit to hunt or capture alligators, according to an arrest affidavit. While officers were walking Trenka’s property, they discovered a lonely pot plant that had been planted in a black pot in Trenka’s back yard. Trenka told officers that the pot plant wasn’t his and that he was just watering it for a friend who had passed away several months ago. The alligator hides, alligator meat and pot plant were removed from the property as evidence. Trenka was booked into the Alachua County Jail and charged with felony charges of harvesting alligators without a permit and cultivating marijuana.

You know what, yes, this does look like the face of a man who kills alligators illegally and takes care of rogue pot plants left behind by his dead friends. That’s exactly what it looks like. Perry Trenka was born to do what he is currently doing. Its sort of like when you see a tall person you always ask them, oh did you play basketball? Well same thing here. If I saw Perry Trenka walking down the street I would be like, oh do you murder alligators and then display them on a piece of plywood in your machine shop? And I would be 100% right in my assumption because that is exactly what Perry Trenka does.

Does Perry Trenka understand how death works? Or is he like when your parents told you your dog died when you were 5 and you just assumed that meant he was going on a long trip and would be back in a few months? Perry Trenka just waiting for his dead friend to show up on his doorstep asking whether or not he’s been watering his pot plant.