(Source) A CVS manager hid an iPhone set on record in the ladies restroom after ordering one of his staffers to change her shirt on Thanksgiving at the store in the city’s Noble Square neighborhood, authorities said. The man, 42-year-old Evanston resident Glennis Warburton, had a crush on the 28-year-old woman, police said. On Monday, Judge Edward Harmening set bail at $40,000 for Warburton, who was charged with felony unauthorized videotaping, records show. According to a police report, Warburton intentionally hid an iPhone with its recording device activated inside paper towels in the women’s washroom of the store at 2053 N. Milwaukee Ave. while ordering the 28-year-old woman to change her shirt.

He told police that he’d placed the phone there after learning she had lost weight and that he had a crush on her, the report said. The victim told police Warburton told her the regional manager was coming to visit the store and that he needed to change the shirt to a promotional shirt that read “got bug” on it, referring to the flu season, the report said. After she did, he told her the shirt was too big and demanded that she change again, the report said. She called police after finding the iPhone as she was drying her hands.

Remember back in high school when everyone came back from the summer all tan and in shape? And you would look around and be like, damn she got hot, to basically every chick in your school? And that was the extent of it. Maybe I’d stare a little too long in English class, but that was it. And you know why that was it? Because my cell phone looked like this.

So I guess what I’m saying is this. If I was in a situation today where my crush recently lost weight and was looking fine as hell I would be hard pressed to not put my Iphone into a stack of paper towels and tell her she needs to change her shirt 1,000 times so that I can masturbate to her newly toned body in the comfort of my own home. Some may look at Glennis Warburton and see a big giant pervert, I look at him and see an enormous bullet dodged because technology had not caught up to my creeping skills.