Huff Po Chicago - There’s a whole cottage industry devoted to hiding valuables from burglars, but little instruction on how to keep the kitchen snacks safe. A Troy Township family in Chicago’s southwest suburbs woke to such a scene, discovering burglar Daniel Bailey had snacked on a half-eaten coffee cake from the pantry, played a round of darts and even plugged in the family’s Christmas tree around 4 a.m. Sunday, according to CBS Chicago.

Police say the 32-year-old Mokena man knocked on a bedroom door, waking the residents, reports the Sun-Times. The family found Bailey sitting on the stairway playing with the family cat before noticing the Christmas tree lights and TV had been turned on, and candles had been lit. The homeowners reportedly called the police, who found Bailey in the driveway with his car full of snacks like Hot Pockets and beer allegedly pilfered from the family’s freezer. The burglar told police he had run out of gas, and officials did find his tank empty–along with the family’s cars and gas can missing their caps. Bailey allegedly knocked on the home when his car ran short of fuel, and broke in when there was no answer.

Some Christmas spirit huh? I mean if we’re being totally honest I think I have a bigger problem with this family not plugging in their Christmas tree than Dan Bailey breaking into their home to light it up and then gorging on all their frozen food and booze. Christmas tree’s gotta be plugged in 24/7, that’s a rule that everybody knows unless you’re a jew or a terrorist. You don’t want people breaking into your house and putting their feet on your furniture you keep that fucking tree plugged in. Just really grinds my gears to see people calling the cops on people like this dude. It’s not like he wasn’t up front about it. He knocked on their door, he pet the family cat, he plugged in the goddamn tree. Dude was polite as polite gets. Let him drink a beer, crush a ham and cheese hot pocket and syphon gas out of all your car’s so he can drive his drunk as home. No big deal.