SourceA Las Cruces beauty queen isn’t smiling because she won the crown. Las Cruces police said around 10 p.m. on Sunday, Richardson, 22, crashed her PT Cruiser into a light pole at the intersection of Avenida De Mesilla and Hickory Drive. The pole fell over, hitting a nearby traffic light. The crash left hundreds of nearby businesses and homes in the dark after the power was knocked out. El Paso Electric said about 1,700 customers were left without power from Sunday night into the early morning hours on Monday. “Power lines were down everywhere. The transformer that was on the corner with the light pole was taken down. They drug them up the street and that was a problem with all the electric,” a witness said. 

Nearby hotels were packed with guests in town for New Mexico State University’s commencement ceremony. They were all left without power. Hotel managers were forced to give out thousands of dollars in refunds. Richardson was crowned Miss Las Cruces in November, but she could lose that title after this arrest. If convicted, Richardson faces jail time up to 90 days with a mandatory 48-hour sentence, plus a fine up to $500, the loss of her license and community service.

Fuckin hot chicks just dominating the world yet again. Can you imagine what would happen if a guy or an ugly girl did this? This broad knocked out power to half of an entire town. Literally thousands upon thousands of people living like it’s the 1800′s all over again. Churning butter, reading by candlelight, no internet which equals no porn which equals trying to beat off to mental images like you’re 13 years old again. Hotels losing tens of thousands of dollars in revenue because they have to refund customers. Maybe a witch trial or two. Sounds like a fucking post-apocalyptic horror film. And what’s this chick facing? If convicted a mandatory 48 hour sentence, small fine, loss of licence and community service. Shit you can knock out as part of your weekend errands. If Sarah Jessica Parker and her foot face tried to pull that off they’d tie her up with a straight jacket and dump her out in the ocean. Just proves yet again that it’s a hot girls world and we’re all just living in it.

PS - Pretty impressive that this bitch still looks like a solid 8 in this picture all things considered.