Source - One of three men originally charged in the killing of a Centerville man whose body was dumped in a river has pleaded guilty to lesser charges in exchange for his testimony, according to prosecutors and court records. Daniel Lee Slaton, 36, was sentenced March 22 to 30 years without the possibility of parole for aggravated battery, kidnapping and tampering with evidence in connection with the 2012 beating and strangulation of 25-year-old Justin Arthur Klaffka, court records show. The other charges of malice murder, felony murder and aggravated assault were dismissed, while the charge of kidnapping with bodily injury was reduced to the lesser charge of kidnapping, court records show.

Goo! It’s pretty rare when a case comes up and a dude testifying against his own brother in a murder they both committed is completely overshadowed by something else but that’s exactly what happened here. Yeah yeah whatever, someone died, it happens, what the fuck is going on with your face man? That eye looks like it’s hitting Turn 2 at Daytona and making a bee-line for the back of his head or something. Pretty sure there’s an indent of another nose right to the left of his original nose. The soul patch / mustache combo looks like it was shaved by… well I guess by him actually since it’s so off-center. Just a scrambled mess of a face all the way around. Probably wasn’t too hard for the prosecution to figure out this Rooster Cogburn bastard didn’t pull off the caper of the century.