Source - Kyle Messier won $100,000 on the Idaho lottery after buying two $10 tickets – and straight away called his boss at a fast food restaurant and quit his job flipping burgers. ‘I guess you could say I called in rich,’ he said. It proved to be a winning decision when he discovered he had won $100,000 on the Ultimate Bankroll game. After quitting his job, he says he now plans to pay for himself and his fiancee to attend college with their winnings.


Hey by all means this kid started off on the right foot. Won $100,000 and quit his job flipping burgers. Obviously a solid move. I think if I won 1/20th of that on a scratch ticket I’d quit that job immediately. But what’s all this “Put me and my fiance through college” talk he’s spitting out? Hey bro you won a hundred grand. My boss throws a bunch of half naked chicks in an auditorium and makes them take a bubble bath to Avicii songs and makes that in 2 hours. I’m pretty sure Mo won that much picking fantasy football teams this fall. I mean it’ll definitely change your life but not sure if you noticed how fucking expensive college is? You’re basically blowing your load so you and your girl can take Psych 101 and a bio lab for a few months before you’re broke again. And make no mistake once that happens not only will you be back begging for your job flipping burgers but your fiance is gonna be a loose cannon running all over campus sucking any dick attached to a master’s degree she can find.

Here’s my advice: Leave Idaho. That’s it. Just leave fucking Idaho. Doesn’t really matter what you do after that. Just stop yourself from being the worst lottery winner in history and go blow your money on some yak and shitty real estate deals like everybody else.