Source - A Louisville mother and her boyfriend were arrested at Applebee’s on Dixie Highway Friday night after police say they placed the life of a 3-year-old boy in danger. According to arrest reports, officers were called to the Applebee’s on Dixie Highway, near Rockford Lane, shortly after 10 p.m. on a report of two intoxicated individuals with a small child. When police arrived, witnesses allegedly told them that 27-year-old Michelle Windgassen was passed out in the bathroom of the restaurant. Police say that when they found her, she was attempting to snort some type of narcotic which she allegedly identified as heroin. She also had a small baggie with a trace of heroin still inside, according to police. Inside her purse, police allegedly found five Xanax bars.

Police say her boyfriend, 32-year-old John W. Lewis, was found intoxicated in the front driver’s side seat of his car with a 3-year-old boy in the back seat. According to the arrest citation, Lewis admitted that he and Windgassen had been with the boy all day, and that he had snorted heroin roughly 2-3 hours earlier, before driving to his father’s house and then on to the restaurant.


There hasn’t been one second of my entire life where I ever wanted to do or thought I needed to do heroin. Not one situation where I could see that as a possibility. But make no mistake, if I found myself at 27 years old in an Applebee’s on Dixie Highway in Louisville, Kentucky eating microwaved Bourbon Chicken and Shrimp staring at my 3 year old child and that was my life, I’d whip out a needle and stick myself right there at the table so fast your head would fall off. Just blast smack into my veins at 100 mph, pass out face first into some shitty spinach and artichoke dip and call it a life. I mean the mere fact that this mother went out of her way to get high on the DL in the bathroom kind’ve makes her a hero in my eyes. The kid’s 3 years old. Dude has no idea what’s going on. You could rail lines with his soda straw and stick it back in his drink and he wouldn’t know the difference. But she decided she wasn’t going to be a bad influence on his life. I respect that. Just too bad the people of Louisville don’t understand that kind of sacrifice.