Source - The principal of Novi’s Deerfield Elementary School has been suspended after, officials say, she was taken into police custody on suspicion of drunk driving . The superintendent says Kim Warren was found in her car on school property on Monday afternoon. The 44-year-old Warren was released Monday evening, pending review by the Novi City Prosecutor. 

“She could face charges under the city’s ‘super drunk’ ordinance due to a high blood alcohol content,”  says Novi Director of Public Safety David Molloy. “Next steps involve preparing the case for review by our city prosecutor Phil Seymour.” “This is an unfortunate set of circumstances and out of character” for her, says Steve Matthews, Superintendent of Novi Community Schools. Police say they received two calls from concerned motorist about Warren’s driving on nearby Wixom Road. Warren was arrested shortly after 2:00 pm.


How absurd is Michigan creating a new level of drunkenness and charging people with being “Super Drunk”? Hey losers you live in Michigan. Unemployment’s at like 65% or some shit. People are going through hard times. There’s no food, there’s no jobs, their pets heads are falling off! And if you’re lucky enough to get a job like Kim Warren here, well guess what, now you’re a Principal at an Elementary School which sounds about 3% better than staying home unemployed in the first place. So yeah, people are gonna get drunk in the parking lot during the middle of school days and abandon their post for a while. It’s called dealing with hardship. Get over yourself.

PS – Not totally convinced this “Super drunk” law exists. It could just be that the newspaper created it out of thin air to cause a stir from people on the Internet and start an outcry. Who knows really.