Chicago Tribune - A pregnant woman arrested over the weekend after police allegedly found bomb-making materials and a document titled “The Terrorist Encyclopedia” in her New York apartment, recently studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Morgan Gliedman, 27, and her boyfriend, Aaron Greene, 31, were both arrested Saturday in their Greenwich Village apartment, where investigators allegedly found a plastic container with 7 grams of HMTD, a highly explosive white powder used in bomb-making, police and prosecutors said. Investigators also retrieved a collection of pages with a cover page titled “The Terrorist Encyclopedia” and a booklet titled, “Deadly Homemade Weapons,” according to court documents. Authorities also found an assortment of weapons.

Smokeshows making smokebombs. That actually has a pretty nice ring to it before you delve into that whole “This bitch is a fucking terrorist” thing. Being a terrorist is just such a huge turn-off these days. Seriously nothing makes my dick shrivel up faster than a chick saying she’s into setting off bombs and explosions on innocent civilians. Maybe being divorced with a couple kids or fat but right after those two is definitely the terrorist. Yuck.

PS – “The Terrorist Encyclopedia” huh? That’s the actual name of the book she was caught with? No wonder she was a fucking art student.