Source - The couple, Matthew D. Casey, 23, and Kimberly Adams, 28, who live in the 1700 block of West 80th Street, Chicago, is also accused of forcing the teenagers to perform sex acts. Casey met one of the girls in January on the Red Line and the other on 79th Street within the last several weeks, according to the reports.  Both teenagers told police Casey threatened them if they did not work as prostitutes. The couple denied forcing the girls to have sex with Casey or other men, according to court records. Adams told police it was the girls’ idea to have sex for money and Casey received money for being their bodyguard. Casey told police he robs people, but does not commit other crimes, the reports show.

Pretty nice looking couple, huh? Kind of looks like Keenan and Kel if Kel had a pregnant nose the size of a football and Keenan was a fucking cross-dresser.

Anyway all I have to say is this dude’s excuse to the cop’s is golden all the way through. Denies up and down that he forces teenage girls to have sex for money but comes right out and says he doesn’t have to because he robs people for a living. Could have went with the straight denial of any wrong-doing whatsoever, or maybe included something about having a job or volunteering for the community maybe. Nope, he robs people. Couldn’t have been him forcing those chicks to be prostitutes. Way too busy sticking up random motherfuckers for everything they got. Boom, Case closed. Verdict: Innocent.