So last night was the premiere of the next round of 30 for 30′s. Basically was an entire documentary about athletes going bankrupt, so naturally my best friend Darren Rovell was on there spitting nonsense about salaries and just being generally smug in my face.

Anyway, everyone was tweeting at me like “Oh Big Cat, Rovell is on a documentary, he’s so much better than you”. “How does Rovell’s ass taste”. “You’re watching Rovell like a chump”. “How mad are you Rovell is on this 30 for 30?”. What? Are people serious? Did they not see Darren Rovell? Did they not see what he looks like? Did they not see his upper lip? Non existent. Like not even there.

Guy probably kisses like a complete asshole.  Yeah I’m jealous of Darren Rovell guys. Real jealous that I can drink beer out of a bottle, whistle and french kiss. As far as I’m concerned last night’s scorecard read Big Cat 1, Rovell 0.

PS – Is Rovell a little asian? I would hate for all these blogs to end up being a hate crime. Can never be too safe.