Fox 2 News Headlines

DetroitA Detroit man says his business is being held hostage by a group of teenagers who continually loiter inside and out of his gas station.”This is a Bad Crew gas station,” said one teen loitering out front on Tuesday. When asked what that meant, he said, “If you don’t know, I can’t even tell you.” Surveillance video obtained by FOX 2 shows as many as a dozen teens hanging out inside the store, smoking cigarettes, sitting on countertops and even spitting into sinks. The owner says as many as 40 teens can be hanging out in front of the station at any time. “Destroying my store. Destroying my business,” said the owner.

Is this gas station owner serious right now? Dude what are you complaining about. You run a business in basically the most dangerous and lawless area of the country and you have the entire 40 man Bad Crew watching your back and holding things down for you free of charge. 40 of the hardest motherfuckers out there smoking cigs in your store and spitting in sinks like some gangsta good samaritans intimidating anyone who would even think of messing with your shit. Like maybe you didn’t get the memo bro but law enforcement doesn’t exist in Detroit. It’s like extinct or something. It’s a totally free society. The wild wild west of the 21st century. If the Bad Crew picks you out and says they’re going to post up and help you run the store out of the kindness of their heart the least you could do is show some appreciation.

PS – Love the idea of hiring an off-duty cop to patrol the area. I’m sure people were jumping at the bit for that gig.