[Source] - A message of “shots fired” and “suspect is currently at large” sent students and teachers at a metro Detroit university into emergency mode on Tuesday when there was actually no need to panic. Oakland University police mistakenly sent a voicemail message during a planned test of the emergency alert system, OUPD Chief Samuel Lucido told the Oakland Post. Lucido also told the campus newspaper the mistake was not because of human error. Many of the 20,000 students who signed up for emergency alerts from the school located 25 miles north of Detroit got this prerecorded message through a text from the OUPD at about 1 p.m. ET: 

“The Oakland University Police Department has received reports of shots fired on campus. The suspect is currently at large, and the campus is on lockdown.”

You think anybody even blinked when they got this alert on their phones? Like Oh damn there’s a shooter on the loose, good think I live in fucking Detroit where that ever happens. Phew. Probably had half the student body hootin’ and hollerin’ in the cafeteria and shit reading these to each other. Though I gotta say though it isn’t a good sign for your city when the “Shots fired on campus, suspect is still at large” message is already saved on file at local Universities to be sent out to entire student bodies at a moment’s notice. This wasn’t a prankster sending out a fake live update or a mistake in typing out the wrong message by some PD intern. Someone just hit the wrong button. Like whoops I meant to tell everyone there’s a thunderstorm alert but instead just sent 20,000 people into a frenzied panic because they might get lit up any second now. Typical Detroit.