Chicago Tribune - Dennis Rodman has been found in contempt of court and ordered to pay $500,000 in back child support to his ex-wife, her attorney said Thursday. The flamboyant basketball player known for his off-court antics was sentenced to informal probation, his ex-wife’s attorney, Mary Ann Noiroux, told City News Service. Orange County Superior Court Commissioner Barry Michaelson warned Rodman could face jail time if he doesn’t pay the child support, she said. Rodman’s attorney, Linnea Willis, didn’t return an email from The Associated Press and a phone number did not take messages. Another attorney for Rodman’s ex-wife argued in court that Rodman owed his ex-wife, Michelle Rodman, about $850,000, but Linnea Willis, the former NBA standout’s attorney, challenged that figure, Noiroux said. The two sides met outside court and agreed to $500,000, which Michaelson approved, Noiroux said.

$500,000 dollars? Listen I’m sure Dennis Rodman isn’t the best Dad in the world. Doubt he rolls up to soccer practice in a Subaru Outback wearing mom jeans with a tucked-in polo passing out Big gulp’s to his kids and all their friends and shit. Can’t see him at PTA meetings hobnobbing with other parents about SAT prep or last night’s episode of SVU. Just doesn’t add up. When it comes to being a father I’m guessing the Worm falls in line somewhere between Fletcher Reede and Shawn Kemp. But what in the fuck do these kids need $500,000 for? Hey you little assholes you’re Dad is Dennis fucking Rodman. Guy won three rings with Michael and Scottie, plowed Carmen Electra, and said “I’m so in the mix right now” while getting his dick sucked during a live radio interview. Dude is the Encyclopedia Britannica of the human experience. What more could you ask for? Just pull up a chair, shut your mouth, open your ears and let Pops drop some priceless knowledge on you. Seriously guys, be more selfish.