Source - The Hall of Famer’s book, “Dennis The Wild Bull,” came out today, and fans will immediately recognize Rodman’s influence. The large red bull on the cover has flowing red hair, two nose rings, a tattoo and red stubble under his chin. “More than anything, I just want little kids today just to understand: Ain’t no matter what you do in life — be different, rich or poor, man — guess what? It’s OK to be who you are pretty much and you’ll be accepted,” Rodman said.

The author, whose previous works include titles such as “Bad as I Wanna Be” and “I Should Be Dead by Now,” chose a different audience this time. He said even now, he is recognized by children who never saw him play, and those are the ones he wanted to reach. “For a guy like me to be very eccentric, to even go to extremes to write a children’s book with all the wild things I do and make it believable was pretty much incredible,” Rodman said. Co-written with Dustin Warburton, the book tells the story of Dennis, a bull who is taken away from his family and forced to live with other bulls in a rodeo. Though he looks nothing like them, they come to accept him and they all become friends.


So Dennis Rodman released a children’s book today. Naturally there’s some parents that are having a tough time wrapping their brain around the idea of giving their kid a book written by a cross-dressing, occasionally violent basketball player who likes getting his dick sucked during radio appearances. Personally I love it. If I had a kid I’d pick up Dennis the Wild Bull immediately. And you know why? Because when I was a kid my parents gave me fucking “Goodnight Moon” and “Clifford” books to read and now I’m a pussy 25 year old blogger who stares at cropped celebrity asshole all day. Thanks a lot Mom and Dad! Might have turned out a little better if I scanned through a few chapters teaching me how to box out, rebound in traffic and slam Baywatch stars and Playboy models. Definitely would have been better than Goodnight fucking Moon.

So yeah, if you’re a parent and you’re looking for a good way to raise your kid, I suggest picking up the Worm’s book. Just skip the section where he teaches your son how to dress like a woman.