ESPN Chicago - Chicago Blackhawks center Dave Bolland has expressed regret for retweeting a post that called for commissioner Gary Bettman’s death, saying it was a mistake. As the lockout continues to drag on, Bolland on Friday reposted a Twitter entry that read: “can I get a RT for wanting Bettman dead?” The retweet later was deleted. ”It was a mistake, I never meant to retweet that out,” Bolland told’s Pierre LeBrun. “I like to retweet for a lot of my fans, and I just retweeted the wrong thing. I feel bad about it.”

Hey bro I think you’re in the clear when literally everyone in the world wants Gary Bettman dead right along with you. This would be like jumping in a Barstool comment section and casually mentioning that you think I should kill myself or that I had AIDS and then apologizing for offending literally nobody. Don’t sweat it. I’m pretty sure the guy’s own kids are ready to kill him at this point.

PS – Someone brought up Bettman – Pee wee Herman as lookalikes? Not seeing it.