This is Rovell 101 right here. Like people keep saying to me, Big Cat, why do you care about this guy? You’re a loser for constantly ripping him. Well this is why I hate him. This is why he’s the worst. He is the classic have your cake and eat it too guy. If you make fun of Darren Rovell for tweeting trivial shit about player’s contracts he will remind you  that his JOB is to be a SPORTS REPORTER.

But then what happens when as a REPORTER he REPORTS information incorrectly? Information that probably was re-tweeted thousands of times resulting in people calling Alex Karras’s family and telling them there are reports he died, adding completely unnecessary hardship  to a family going through some serious shit just because some self righteous jerkoff wanted first dibs on a death story? He deletes the tweet like a yellow belly coward, tells everyone he “misread” the news even though Darren Rovell went to Northwestern, the Ivy League of The Big Ten, and then moves right along to talk about Gatorade at press conferences all the while having such little self awareness to realize what a scumbag move that really is. That is why Darren Rovell is the worst, plain and simple.

PS - Oh yeah, and he calls his wife Mrs. Sportsbiz without even any sense of humor/sarcasm. Fucking Rovell. The Worst.