(Source) According to an NBA source, while ‘‘The Return’’ to the court for NBA games is still up in the air for Rose, the all-everything point guard could be just weeks away from practicing with the Bulls again after surgery on his left anterior cruciate ligament last May. ‘‘That’s the belief that a couple of [the Bulls’] players are under,’’ the source said. Rose has been expected to be able to play in games by February, but that has been inferred more than actually stated. Even if the Bulls receive the ultimate Christmas present of getting him back on the practice court just before Dec. 25, it doesn’t mean he’s necessarily ahead of that February schedule — or behind it.

Asked Monday if there was a specific timetable for Rose to start practicing, general manager Gar Forman answered in a text message: ‘‘We’re still taking the process step by step, and a date hasn’t been set.’’ Rose has been cutting on the knee for at least two weeks and was seen running sprinting drills at the Berto Center after the Monday practice, with one sprint leaving teammate Kirk Hinrich yelling out in encouragement.

Couple of things. First, Fuck Yes. Second, this may be an unpopular opinion but I really don’t want D-Rose back on the court until he’s absolutely, unequivocally ready. If that means he misses the entire year then I’m fine with that. There is absolutely no reason to rush him back. Zero. If you’ve watched this Bulls team this year you know that even with D-Rose they’re probably not winning a title. The bench is just not there. And Carlos Boozer is still on this team. Two glaring issues that will keep us from taking the next step. So as pumped as I am that D-Rose is almost back to practice, I pray to god someone in the front office or the coaching staff has some sense to not rush this, because we all know if it was up to Derrick he’d already be playing. That’s just the type of person he is. He’s the opposite of a Dwight Howard. If they would let him play with a torn ACL I have no doubt in my mind that he would.


Sometimes when I think about the Blackhawks probably not having a season and the Bears O-Line and the Cubs being the Cubs and the Bulls being mediocre at best right now I think about D-Rose  shooting MILLIONS of free throws and jumpers all summer because he couldn’t run and how when he finally does return he’s probably going to be the best shooter in the NBA. And that puts a smile on my face.