Chicago Sun Times - CTA bus driver Derronald “Ron” Ward had a heart attack in 2010, stopped working and started receiving disability payments. But while off work, Ward continued his side job moonlighting as a celebrity tour bus driver — even chauffeuring rapper Diddy and other big-time clients — as part of a second career he now readily fesses up to. If they need a bus, they will call me personally,” Ward says of clients like Ray J, Brandy and Chris Brown, who he refers to as “friends.” “ … Puffy and 2 Chainz, they have readjusted their whole schedule until I become free.” The CTA says the transit agency paid Ward approximately $5,000 in short-term disability pay over 26 weeks. No long-term disability payments were issued after last November.

Fucking bummer man. I mean how could the CTA just ruin Ron Ward’s weekend like that? How’s a guy going to enjoy getting his dick rocked off  on tour with friends like Ray J, Puff Daddy and 2 Chainz while ingesting copious amounts of drugs and hookers and living the high life when you take away his $190 disability check? Total day ruiner. Cold blooded CTA. Cold blooded.